About the project

Successful participation in the fast-changing labour market requires the alignment of employment-related skills and competencies. During the last years mentoring provided by employers and/or employees in their roles as mentors is becoming more and more common phenomenon worldwide and has already proved itself as an effective learning process.

The transnational EU-project e-Mentoring aimed to increase the capacities of students in High Education, trainees in Vocational Education and Training institutions, and adults re-/entering the labour market by collecting good practice experiences and transferring best solutions into a common e-Mentoring model.

The e-Mentoring process was enhanced by integrating Open Educational Resources (OERs) for self-directed learning on Employability and Entrepreneurship into e-Mentoring model. ICT-enabled learning solutions (Web 2.0, Moodle, etc.) enhanced productivity of and accessibility to e-Mentoring process ensuring its common use within three above mentioned educational sectors.

There are many different ways of mentoring, as well as experiences in this field collected from the project partners’ countries, thus, it is important to make the common knowledge on e-Mentoring process accessible to 3M-Actors (Managers, Mentors, Mentees) prior starting mentoring itself. Therefore, self-directed e-learning courses for 3M-Actors were be developed within the project and published openly with Web 2.0 tools.

Virtual e-learning environment for registered users was developed on Moodle to ensure the confidentiality and effectiveness of e-Mentoring process. This innovative education approach for acquiring new skills and competences for new jobs via e-Mentoring on employment-related issues is also presented in the e-Guidebook “Management of e-Mentoring on Employment-related issues”.

The project defined the ways of using ICT in mentoring process and enhanced learning opportunities for the target groups to get new skills and competences for increasing their employability. The project also showed that mentors from the business surroundings can be involved in e-Mentoring process in order to prepare the qualified employees for their enterprises.

Groups on Social networks for Managers, Mentors and Mentees were created to promote e-Mentoring model worldwide.

The project started in January, 2011 with participation of partners from Lithuania, United Kingdom, Finland, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany and United States e-Mentoring, and was be finalized in June, 2013.